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Your digital data isn’t just a bunch of numbers, it represents the digital footprints of your customers.  It can tell you where they came from and where they went. It can illuminate where they struggle and help you to help them to be more successful.
When modern marketing platforms, CRMs and digital analytics tools are linked together, you can segment your customers in more meaningful ways.  You can begin to differentiate between your most valuable brand loyalists and those who are just as likely to purchase from a competitor. Understanding behavioral differences, marketing preferences and messaging resonance can help you focus your energy and budget where it will produce the highest long-term ROI.
Getting to where your analytics can provide meaningful and actionable insights to your digital team can be a journey, an Ambition Data is your guide.


trust your data
Your team has to trust the data if they are going to rely on it to make critical strategic and tactical decisions.  If your reports and analysis are met with skepticism, it’s a sign that there are data trust issues. A number of factors can undermine your data’s credibility.  Web sites, Apps and Analytics software like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics are complex. While it is easy to get data, it takes thought, planning and experience to get the right data.  


  • Was your tracking set up correctly from a technical standpoint?
  • Is it capturing the right data to answer your business questions?
  • Has it been maintained properly as you digital strategy has evolved?
  • Are there critical gaps?
Answering these questions can be daunting, but Ambition Data’s analysts and engineers can quickly help you understand the state of your data, can get it in top shape and help you rebuild the trust of your company.  


Modern Digital Analytics Tools

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Site Audit & Tracking

Dashboards provide a snapshot of the current state of your digital program.  They provide a simple way to keep your finger on the pulse and quickly identify issues that need to be researched further.  While there are a lot of options for digital dashboards, many are designed to be one size fits all. As a result, they are often produced, but rarely reviewed or acted upon.  
Truly valuable dashboards get used.  They answer meaningful questions your stakeholders have and speak in their user’s language. Creating great dashboards requires subject matter expertise, design skills and an understanding of the target audience.  Our team can customize industry specific ecommerce and marketing dashboards to resonate with your stakeholders.

Dashboards for Online Retailers

Dashboards for Advisors and Investors

Dashboards for Healthcare Providers

Dashboards for Publishers

Digital customer reportin
While dashboards provide very specific reporting needs, many organizations have broader reporting needs, whether it’s to inform a specific process or feed into a broader reporting system.  Most data sets are complicated and the process of pulling, transforming, joining and presenting data can be a challenge.
Our analysts have honed their skills on a wide range of data sources from cloud, legacy systems, CRMs, marketing and analytics tools.  We can help you tame your data, or set up pipelines to land and transform it into a usable format.

Marketo to Google Analytics Integration

Data Insight

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Web Analytics Benchmarks 


digital analytics
As previously mentioned, your digital data is your customers’ foot prints.  Your analyst is your “tracker” reading the signs, making sense of it and unpacking the insights for the team.  Whether it’s a landscape analysis used for high level planning, or a deep dive focused on optimizing your conversion process, there is a lot to be learned.   
Our analysts can dig in and find the story for you, or we can work with your staff to develop the skills they need to provide meaningful analysis on their own.
What story is your data telling you?

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testing and optimization

The proliferation of testing tools and their marketing copy make a/b testing seem simple. So why do so many companies fail to realize the benefits of a testing program?

Testing tools are only the tip of the iceberg. Behind every successful testing program there is a mountain of strategy, process, governance and analytics. Testing programs should start with a good understanding of where and what types of testing make sense. Will a win create a material gain for the organization’s bottom line? Will a loss provide important learnings?

Even with free tools, there are resource and opportunity costs with every test. Are there good processes in place to prioritize testing opportunities? Is the organization capable of putting an idea into production if it does prove a winner?
Once a test is approved, is the team prepared to identify good test design from bad? Can the test be executed in the tool and if can, is the experience clean and error free?

For evaluating test performance, most tools will provide you with a win/lose reading on a single metric with statistical data. While this seems simple and scientific, in the real world, changes being tested will be influenced by a number of confounding factors. A simple win or lose can mask even greater opportunities, hide a nugget of genius in a loss or miss important learnings. Best practice is to make sure your tests are fully instrumented with your analytics tool and plan an analysis on conclusion.
Testing Strategy
Conversion Testing Best Practices 
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 Digital Marketing Products from Ambition Data

Testing Strategy

Build the mountain of strategy, process, governance and analytics behind a successful Testing campaign.


Gain the insight to optimize the experience for your customers with a digital marketing dashboard.

Marketo Integration

With this integration, users can track and segment customer behavior with granularity on their website.