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State of the Union for CAOs - February 10, 2018

Hello friends,

This week I am in Miami at the Chief Analytics Officer conference. Last week, I highlighted two stories about CAO progress. This week I’m going to highlight the conference itself and see what has changed. The first story provides some context about the audience at the event. The second summarizes the relevant themes. Read on below.


Profiling the CAO

  • If you’re feeling behind in the analytics space, you have a lot of good company. The duties of the CAO are murky at best. Most people are the first to hold this role which is often new to their organization and they find themselves figuring it out as they go. Whether the industry is healthcare, law, government, manufacturing or other, the second wave of data-intensive adopters is forming as we realize how everything can be optimized.

What CAOs are Thinking Now

  • A surprising number of “things you should know but probably don’t do” themes surfaced at this CAO event. Think of these as the “eat right and exercise” maxims but for data and analytics. That is not to say there were no new insights. In this post on the CAO conference themes, I grouped the two so you can skim through the things you should know and then move on to the fresh insights. A lot of the CAO conversations focused on answering executives who want to measure the ROI of the CAO role. See the full post here.

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