Strengthen Your Digital Data Foundation

Go beyond campaign cost analysis and tap into the full power of your digital data. Build a digital data foundation that will start delivering insights within months. Ambition Data’s Digital Data Foundation Package is customized to your company, and typically includes the following:

Digital Marketing Training

Mentor onsite analysts and train staff on digital analytics

KPI Pinpointing

Select specific business issues for analysis

Data Reporting

Configure and visualize data in meaningful reports

Customer Framework

Start analyzing anonymous customer behavior and data

Campaign Tracking

Improve data analysis

Tools Integration

Connect with the appropriate third-party marketing tools.

Digital Data Tracking

Comprehensive data tracking in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics

Digital Data Audit

Verify the trustworthiness of your data


“Action-based proactive approach to data analysis. Enhanced visualization using the latest technologies. Ambition Data is helping us harness the power of our data to identify opportunities to grow our business.”-Dan Bednar, TEN: The Enthusiast Network

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