If you cannot trust your data then you need an audit.


The Ambition Data process of how to establish good data tracking in either Google Analytics or Adobe looks like this:

1) Discuss your business and marketing strategy. What do you think is working? What do you plan to remove?
2) Run an audit of your current site and score the results. This tells you what must be fixed, is nice to fix and what's ok if you get around to it to fix.
3) Start fixing the agreed-to priority items. Test, QA, Test, QA, Repeat until perfect.
4) Review with your tech team and authorize push to production
5) Go back and pick up lower priority items. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until complete.


Although gratifying to have good data, the data itself does not reduce costs or increase revenues so our goal is to get you through this stage as fast as possible. We want you to have the dashboards and analyses you'll need to optimize marketing.


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