Readers and viewers are the reason any digital content publisher succeeds. 


Shouldn't your customers be the focus of your digital analytics reporting?

Most content performance reporting tools and dashboards get it wrong. Why?Because it is easy to surface standard metrics but not easy to see quality reader behavior. To get it right requires the clear reader segmentation based on your business, your readers and your data


Ambition Data dashboards separate the signal from the noise.

With a clear understanding each reader's digital behavior, you will gain the insight to optimize their experience and satisfaction.

Most content publishers find value in these five analytics modules:

  •  Segment your anonymous digital readers based on behavior 

  • Top line channel performance (email, social, direct, paid search, etc)

  • Acquisition and retention performance by content type and author

  • Author performance and quality

  • Customer success measures (KPIs) by behavioral goal


Ambition Data's content publishing dashboard in Google Analytics includes all these modules. Our team will customize the details for your business and data.


I'm Ready to Discuss Dashboard Options


Our content dashboards can be enhanced.  

We can:

  • Connect GA with Marketo or Hubspot for enhanced customer signal in your digital data
  • Calculate predicted lifetime value for each of your customers and show you where high value visitors come from and how they’re different from other shoppers.
  • Link voice of customer with on-line behavior to understand what your customer think and do.
  • Use your Adobe Analytics data, build reporting in Tableau, integrate other data sources