Do you have data and reports, but lack clarity in the next steps?

Is your team hungry for insight and true meaning?

Start connecting with real people again and rediscover customers and their desired actions. Learn new customer-centric marketing on find that clarity needed to humanize your data.

“Compelling Customer Value, Through Real Life Stories.”

Do you trust the digital signals you’re getting from your customers?Are you connecting to the true voice of their data?

Sometimes to move forward, we must step back, and relearn the importance of signals and these actions.

With Ambition Data, we offer certified analysts both remote and onsite. And drive Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics in hopes of doing this. Digital data is rarely 100% perfect. But to use it, we must understand how it’s most correctly captured. Let us show you how.


With good data, most companies rush reporting. So hearing caution bells – may be for a reason!

Reporting is far from analysis and treating it as such can lead to Junk Food Reports. Low on insight and full of distractions.

Report generation typically describes the event by offering very little value to companies. By giving reports real power, analysis should always be used first.

Our approach to customer journey is through true business and goals. This helps us visualize important stages. This framework reduces noise by boosting user insight and customer-centric marketing and an understanding through longterm customer values.

Create a Relatable Customer Data Story

  • Quarterly performance KPI reports
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Redesign analysis
  • Content strategy analysis
  • New vs experienced customer flow
  • Customer experience analysis (lost/confused)
  • Campaign acquisition or retention success

Does your team produce many reports, but lack stakeholder insight?

With the correct digital framework, we can remodel the data behind reports. This maximizes customer insight and impact. Understanding this data is shaped around real people and as the saying goes, we to believe in “People Not Pageviews”!

We’re Excel – gurus, Tableau – jedis and are ready to visualize your data.

Get Critiqued Reports – See new, powerful results.

“Action-based proactive approach to data analysis. Enhanced visualization using the latest technologies. Ambition Data is helping us harness the power of our data to identify opportunities to grow our business.” -Dan Bednar, TEN: The Enthusiast Network