CLV Executive Education Day is a powerful onsite forum designed to help executives see the clear value of customer-driven data. The most effective way to educate is to play the game a month in advance. Create teams if you like and advance at your leisure.

The game educates and embeds the core concepts of CLV. After experiencing the impact of good CLV-based decisions, we show you how to apply these principles within your company. Explore your own data with our partner, Custora, in a well-structured format and then get ready for a high powered data-driven brainstorming session complete with a "next steps" marketing action plan.

A sample schedule might look like this:


If you believe in the power of CLV-driven marketing and you know your organization is ready for change, this is the single most powerful way to initiate it. Companies that pivot to customer value driven metrics and performance not only acquire all the best customers but they see substantially higher returns measured in millions.


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