When you are ready to go from good to great, Ambition Data helps you take your place among the leaders. Marketing has a lot of data about the customer and their current state of mind, but real power to connect to people comes when a company's many divisions can act as one. Like multiple oars rowing a boat in the same direction, industry leaders stream past the competition seeing 7x - 140x return on spend.
The great secret to this alignment is customer lifetime value which we discuss extensively on the Customer Equity Accelerator podcast. If you're ready to snap to alignment and your company can handle the stress of taking off like a rocket ship then we'll help you get there.

Dashboards and reportingCustomer Lifetime Value Calculation

Let us classify your customers using CLV to understand who your high, medium and low value customers are. You will also learn how many customers you have in each group and the expected future revenue from each group.
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Digital FoundationCLV Simulation

Practice making Customer-centric decisions without using your company's data. This combination of best practices on data transformation plus hands-on simulation makes Customer Centricity 2018 uniquely engaging and valuable for participants.

finalized journey mapping

Customer-Centric Reports

Allow us to align your marketing, sales, finance and other touch points with revenue and watch your customer relationships bloom into a lifetime of customer value.

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Quarterly Review

Each quarter we will re-run your customer equity numbers to review how much the value of your customer base has changed and why. 

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