Mine Digital Data for Insight

Take your digital marketing to the next level. We help you blend and recut your digital data so it speaks more clearly about the customer and unifies your team around the metrics you need to build customer lifetime value. Ambition Data’s Data Insight Package is customized for your company, and typically includes the following:

Process & Technology Audit

Learn what you need to support high-quality analysis

Gap Analysis

Fix data tracking and integrations

Business Insights

Gain perspective from company stakeholders on key business metrics

Vendor Insights

Evaluate data needs of external vendors

Customer Analysis

Understand customer friction points and growth areas

Performance Analysis

Recommend tests to optimize performance

Report Refresh

Build reports to support specific actions and key metrics, including tuning paid search

Data Insights

Configure and visualize data for insightful reporting

Performance Tuning

Track performance of results and recommendations


“Allison’s expertise and passion around the digital customer is contagious; driving business value and setting analytic-excitement in those fortunate to work with her. Allison has been both a business consultant and mentor to me. Her technical skills and at-hand resources drove development in behavioral customer analysis and building an integrated digital data platform. Our relationship has been invaluable in my career growth, she is incredible to work with, and someone quickly admired….”-Andrea Treadeau, United Airlines

Learn more about our approach and how you can mine your data for insight.

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