Customer Equity Accelerator Podcast

Customer Equity Accelerator Podcast

Ep. 47 | Black Friday with Pete Fader


Ep. 18 | Driving Value Through CLV with Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics, Google

Can you build value through CLV?

Your customers want deeper, more personalized relationships with you. What are you doing to make your top customers feel special? Driving value through customer lifetime value (CLV) is the most powerful way to...


Ep. 17 | The Future of MarTech with Joe Stanhope

Martech disruption is all around us. Old tools and methods no longer work. Joe Stanhope, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, talks about the future of marketing technology in the Age of the Customer. With marketing a...


Ep. 13 | Customer Centricity Simulation with Sarah Toms, Senior Director, Wharton Interactive

What would the differences and similarities be between traditional market valuation and customer lifetime valuation strategies for your organization? Sarah Toms, Senior Director, Wharton Interactive, talks about leveraging education technology...


Ep. 7 | The ROI of Analytics - Interview with Bob Page Part 1

We take for granted that we can capture, track, and measure every piece of data in our ecosystem. But legendary big data guru Bob Page takes us back to a time before enterprise-class web analytics was a thing. Host Allison Hartsoe asks Bob about...


Ep. 6 | Reaching Centricity – Payoff Stages of the Customer Centricity Maturity Curve

The final stages of the customer centricity maturity curve are where all of a company’s hard work starts to bear fruit. In this episode, host Allison Hartsoe talks about the key traits for the final stages of customer centricity maturity:...


Ep. 5 | Digging Into the Digital Maturity Curve Part 2

What does digital maturity look like? In this episode, host Allison Hartsoe talks about department alignment and analytic leadership: key traits and exit criteria for each stage, plus insight into the Pit of Technology Despair. These are the...

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