The Customer Equity Accelerator Podcast

Customer Value

Ep. 87 | Customer Targeting Gone Wrong: The Big Fi...


Ep. 86 | The Business Roundtable’s New Focus

Customer Value

Ep. 85 | Hubspots Voice of Customer Journey with A...

Customer Value

Ep. 84 | Amazon - Customer-Centric Sales Channel


Ep. 83 | Amazon Prime Day vs Alibaba Singles Day

Customer Value

Ep. 82 | Quantifying CX with Michael Allenson

Data Strategy

Ep. 81 | Customer Data as an Asset with Doug Laney


Ep. 80 | Customer Trust Through Privacy

Data Strategy

Ep. 79 | Visual Data Disasters with Alberto Cairo

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I love, love, love this podcast series. Among my very favorite and the most relevant for professionals in the data-driven and customer centric marketing space.

Mark C

Allison Hartsoe has been part of the digital analytics and marketing analysis industry for more than a decade and really knows how to pull information out of people - that makes for a very interesting podcast!

Jim S

This is a great source of knowledge for professionals who aim at transforming their business!

José A

Digital data is changing everything about marketing. This podcast tells you how to evaluate your digital maturity and how to embrace customer centricity.

Alison H
There are several excellent podcasts on retail, e-comm, digital, data and CX. But at the intersection of all of these, Allison Hartsoe has great insights and discussions...
Parker B
For anyone who is trying to get past the C Suite hyperbole and take substantive steps toward shifting a business from product/channel centricity to a true customer focus. Excellent!