Customer Equity Accelerator Podcast

Episode 23: Customer Centricity Conference Recap with Allison Hartsoe

Dynamic speakers presenting unique ways of applying the lessons of customer lifetime value. Industry leaders engaging audience members on innovative topics through interactive panels. Those are just a few of the features from the 2018 Customer Centricity Conference, held May 17-18th at the Wharton School’s San Francisco campus. Allison Hartsoe summarizes the Customer Centricity Conference events and its key points, including the core concepts of Customer Lifetime Value and how to transition your organization to focusing on building customer equity.

Key Concepts:

Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Testing, Company Culture Shift, customer centricity, customer equity


Who Should Listen:

CAOs, CCOs, CSOs, Digital Marketers, Business Analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, eCommerce, Data Scientists, Analysts, CMOs, Customer Insights Leaders, CX Analysts, Data Services Leaders, Data Insights Leaders, SVPs or VPs of Marketing or Digital Marketing, SVPs or VPs of Customer Success, Customer Advocates

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