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Ep. 40 | Customer-centric research with EA’s Jodie Antypas


This week in the Accelerator: What is customer-centric research and how is it different from traditional methods? In this episode host Allison Hartsoe interviews Jodie Antypas, VP of Research from Electronic Arts. Jodie shares examples of how the customer-centric research work her innovative team delivers drives real world performance for Electronic Arts.  She also talks about methods to use and how to integrate with product teams to maintain the essence of the brand while navigating customer-centric behavior and motivations.     

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Diversity is slicing customer-centric research by behavior, attitude and motivation. - Jody Antypas, EA


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Key Concepts:  Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing, Digital Data, Customer Centricity, Long-Term Customer Value, Marketing Leaders, Analytics, Creativity, Product Development, Audience Research


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