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Ep. 37 | Implementing a CLV strategy with Jordan Elkind of Custora Part 1

Who is driving growth through CLV strategy in the retail space? Hear three transformational stories about retailers Bonobos, Eloquii, and Crocs. Learn why CLV is the smartest predictive growth strategy and why this is the golden age for today’s CMO.  Host Allison Hartsoe chats with Jordan Elkind, Head of Product at Custora this week on the Customer Equity Accelerator.     

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3rd Annual Carma Conference NYC 10/4/2018


Key Concepts:  Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing, Digital Data, Customer Centricity, Long-Term Customer Value, Marketing Leaders, Analytics, Creativity, Product Development, Audience Research


Who Should Listen:  CAOs, CCOs, CSOs, CDOs, Digital Marketers, Business Analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, eCommerce, Data Scientists, Analysts, CMOs, Customer Insights Leaders, CX Analysts, Data Services Leaders, Data Insights Leaders, SVPs or VPs of Marketing or Digital Marketing, SVPs or VPs of Customer Success, Customer Advocates, Product Managers, Product Developers


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Ep. 38 | Implementing a CLV strategy with Jordan Elkind of Custora Part 2 Ep. 36 | Beyond the Obvious - Data Visualization Best Practices Summarized
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