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Ep. 33 | Visual Data Disasters with Alberto Cairo

Some people believe that well-visualized data will tell you exactly what you need to know. But there are many more visual data disasters than we realize out there. This week Alberto Cairo shares several examples he has discovered from weather to politics where some people really like what they see – it’s just not what the data is actually saying. How can you avoid this kind of data disaster? What should you do to avoid becoming a victim of it?  This week learn the process Alberto Cairo uses to help others think clearly about data and what it should represent.  Please help me spread the word about Customer Centric analytics. Rate and review my podcast on iTunes and write to Allison at or Thanks for listening! Tell a friend!



Items mentioned in the podcast include: 

Articles - Do You Really Know How to Use Data Correctly?

There Are Many Ways to Map Election  Results. We’ve Tried Most of Them.

Election maps are telling you big lies about small things

PDF - Uncertainty and graphicacy - How should statisticians, journalists, and designers reveal uncertainty in graphics for public consumption?

Book - The Truthful Art: Data, Charts, and Maps for Communication

Lecture - Ihaka lectures 2018: Visual trumpery: How charts lie — and how they make us smarter


Connect with Alberto at The Functional Art or Twitter.  


Key Concepts:  Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing, Digital Data, Customer Centricity, Long-Term Customer Value, Marketing Leaders, Analytics, Creativity, Product Development, Audience Research


Who Should Listen:  CAOs, CCOs, CSOs, CDOs, Digital Marketers, Business Analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, eCommerce, Data Scientists, Analysts, CMOs, Customer Insights Leaders, CX Analysts, Data Services Leaders, Data Insights Leaders, SVPs or VPs of Marketing or Digital Marketing, SVPs or VPs of Customer Success, Customer Advocates, Product Managers, Product Developers


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