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Ep. 28 | What CAOs are Thinking Now with Allison Hartsoe

What are Chief Analytics Officers (CAOs) thinking today? In this episode host Allison Hartsoe summarizes a meeting of CAOs in Miami. She includes poll results from audience questions to provide a sense of who is in the room, and then seven things CAOs wish their analysts knew. Finally, she wraps up with three insightful nuggets that address the questions everyone was asking.



Key Concepts:  Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing, Digital Data, Customer Centricity, Long-Term Customer Value, Marketing Leaders, Analytics, Creativity, Product Development, Audience Research

Who Should Listen:  CAOs, CCOs, CSOs, CDOs, Digital Marketers, Business Analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, eCommerce, Data Scientists, Analysts, CMOs, Customer Insights Leaders, CX Analysts, Data Services Leaders, Data Insights Leaders, SVPs or VPs of Marketing or Digital Marketing, SVPs or VPs of Customer Success, Customer Advocates, Product Managers, Product Developers


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