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Ep. 22 | Where Academics Meet Reality with Joe Megibow

What does academia have to do with marketing and CLV? In this episode, Joe Megibow shares that academia is five to 10 years ahead of practical application. If you want to know where we are heading, start here. Joe talks about his history in the early days of data-driven insights where he worked with companies including American Eagle and Expedia to dig into customer data and develop better attribution models. He talks about the challenge in getting an accurate picture of the customer when the number of touch points is exploding. And he shares his model for what companies need to get started with CLV: an actionable hypothesis, technically achievable goals, and a purpose that is strategic to the company. Reach out to Joe on Twitter at @megibow and on LinkedIn



Key concepts: attribution models, marketing science, academia, CLV, data-driven insights, customer insights, customer centricity, data mapping

Who should listen: marketing science, CAO, analytics, e-commerce, CMO, marketing analytics, customer experience managers, customer retention


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