Customer Equity Accelerator

Ep. 21 | Arming the Front Lines with Bob McKinney, Head of Marketing at Batteries Plus Bulbs

Your customers are actively indicating how they wish to engage; you just have to find the signal. Bob McKinney, Head of Marketing at Batteries Plus Bulbs, has mastered finding it. Through leveraging a Google cloud-based platform of smartly interconnected systems, his team arms the customer-facing frontlines with the right information they need to build strong relationships. From providing ranked CLV in real-time to being able to save bad customer experiences, Bob shares how CLV has provided a singular focus for Batteries Plus Bulbs’ tactics, experiences, and relationships.



Key Concepts:

Customer Lifetime Value, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Testing,

Who Should Listen:

CAOs, Digital Marketers, Business Analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, Ecommerce, Data Scientists, Analysts, CMO

Want to meet Bob face-to-face? He'll be speaking at this year's Customer Centricity Conference.

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