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Ep. 19 | The Customer as the Asset with Anthony Choe

There is no such thing as an average customer. While it’s easy to say the customer is the most important asset, few have spent time quantifying what that truly means.  Anthony Choe is one of those few. As Founder at Provenance, a progressive consumer private equity firm, Anthony uses Customer Lifetime Value as the primary lens for evaluating businesses. He explains how predictive CLV provides precision and allows both the investor and company to have a singular focus on the customer among all the data noise. With the amount of data and marketing tools available ever increasing, he believes CLV principles are timeless. Optimizing around CLV will always be the best answer, regardless of channel, regardless of the marketing message, regardless of shifting landscapes.


Interested in learning more about private investing and CLV? Anthony Choe will be at the Customer Centricity Conference, May 17-18, Wharton School San Francisco.

Key Concepts:  Customer Lifetime Value, Private Equity,  Customer Loyalty, CLV for Investors, Relationship Development, Internal Adoption

Who Should Listen:  CAOs, Digital Marketers, Business analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, Ecommerce, Data scientists, Analysts, Sales, CMO, Investors


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