The Customer Equity Accelerator is a weekly show for high-level marketing executives who need to accelerate customer-centric thinking and digital maturity. Host Allison Hartsoe of Ambition Data features innovative guests who share quick wins on how to improve your bottom line while building a stronger, happier, more valuable customer base. Start from the first episode to follow the entire series. Ready to accelerate? Let’s Go!


Episode 004: Digging Into the Digital Maturity Curve Part 1

If you want to build customer equity, follow the steps to progress through the digital maturity curve. In this episode, host Allison Hartsoe goes in-depth on the key traits of first two stages, plus the Pit of Reporting Despair (the real budget-buster in many organizations). She identifies critical blockers that prevent you from moving on,…

Customer equity accelerator podcast foundations customer equity

Episode 003: The Foundations of Customer Equity

If you want to get in the game of customer equity acceleration, you need the right foundation. Host Allison Hartsoe talks with Loren Hadley, the VP of Customer Journey and Optimization at Ambition Data, to learn how companies can connect the dots to leverage their digital customer data. They talk tools, including for data connection and…

customer equity accelerator podcast how to calculate digital maturity

Episode 002: How to Calculate Digital Maturity

Digital maturity = customer centric maturity. It’s all about the customer experience, and you need to know where you are on the maturity curve to build revenue and great customers. Host Allison Hartsoe explains how tracking your position on the customer-centric lifecycle can help you build revenue and customer equity. Who Should Listen: Marketing, Analytics,…

podcast customer equity accelerator what is customer equity

Episode 001: What is Customer Equity?

Host Allison Hartsoe explains the concept of Customer Centricity and how it relates to Customer Equity. She walks us through the six stages of Digital Maturity, and explains how companies can use their digital data to build revenue and market strength. Who Should Listen: Marketing, Analytics, Digital Transformation, Customer Transformation, Data Insights, Customer Experience, eCommerce, Digital…