Customer-Centric Consulting


Success means answering these two questions with an eager “yes!”:

Do you know more about your customer than before including their potential value?

Are you able to take action on data to improve both the quality of high-value prospects and the experience of customers you retain?

Perhaps you are thinking, “we are not quite there, and how do we get there?”

We consult on the topic of transforming your organization to be customer-centric. We typically work at two levels, departmental and organizational. Connect with us or schedule a time if you would like a free assessment of which is right for your organization.


“Ambition Data helped provide the direction and knowledge we needed to take our reporting to the next level. Ambition Data has the ability to explain complex items in a way that makes things understandable. They have/are a wealth of information and always have an answer that improves our analytical path. They are also a pleasure to work with. I hope to continue working with Ambition Data for a long time.“

– Vicki Miller, Paul Fredrick


Consulting within a department begins with an assessment of the data that department has access to. We often start in the marketing department. We have a specific view of how data (especially digital data), goals and measurements should interlock to create impact.


  • Technology: The necessary digital technologies are in place to see and hear your customer. New technologies are examined.
  • Process: The use and maintenance of technology investments is planned and monitored. Specific results are expected.
  • People: The team demonstrates the right skills to get power from the technologies. If not, trainings or job descriptions are in place.
  • Leadership: The department uses interlocking measures that keep the team focused and aligned.

“We reveal a customer-centric timeline including easy activities to accelerate progress as well as long term initiatives.”


Marketing data is a great place to start pinning the customer journey together, but it is not the only area of impact. Your customer portfolio contains a mix of those who love your brand and those whom you may never see again. Managing your customer equity is a cross-functional business operation.

We use precise calculations with the predicted value of each customer to optimize operations across departments. Customer connected systems such as business intelligence, sales, customer service, and even product are often the first areas of insight.

The result is clear identification of high-value customers who are treated with appropriate care as are those who show signs of becoming good customers. Costs are minimized around those who are not a fit for your brand. Data and goals align to improve your balance sheet of customer equity.

Connect with us or schedule a time if you would like a free assessment of which is right for your organization.