Outrun the Competition with CLV

We’ll model your customer database to pinpoint bottom-line dollars so you can outrun the competition. Quantify the impact of every decision and build the most customer lifetime value. Ambition Data’s Competition CLV Package is customized to your company, and typically includes the following:

Performance Continuity

Document knowledge and processes to ensure continuity.


Build reports that monitor high value KPIs

Creative Analysis

Run predictive eye tracking to isolate creative issues

ROI Analysis

Combine data with additional sets for specific ROI impact analyses

Customer Analysis

Understand logical breakpoints in customer groups

Data Dimensions

Input relevant insights (e.g. campaign, device type)

CLV Model

Define your customer base by lifetime value

Business Insights

Gain perspective from company stakeholders on key business metrics


“Ambition Data helped provide the direction and knowledge we needed to take our reporting to the next level. Ambition Data has the ability to explain complex items in a way that makes things understandable. They have/are a wealth of information and always have an answer that improves our analytical path. They are also a pleasure to work with. I hope to continue working with Ambition Data for a long time.“ – Vicki Miller, Paul Fredrick

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