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Web Analytics Benchmarks

This is an ongoing list of industry benchmarks that I've run across in books and at conferences. Since I have a journalistic background, I've tried to note my sources. The list is in alphabetical order. I will add to it as I find more.

Bounce rate

Typically between 40-60%. 30% is really good.
- Anil Batra, Seattle seminar
A bounce is typically 10 seconds or less.
- Avinash Kaushik, "Web Analytics An Hour a Day" book

Email marketing

60-70% of the people you email ignore you

Broadcast emails have a 1.1% conversion rate and a 9.5% click through rate
Targeted emails have a 3.9% conversion rate and a 14% click through rate
- Ryan Warren, Exact Target at eMetrics 2008

Key Performance Indicators

Limit to 4 to 6 on dashboard
- Anil Batra, Seattle seminar


40-60% of your website referrs will always be unknown.
- Avinash Kaushik, "Web Analytics An Hour a Day" book (?)


The average tenure of a CMO is 18 months.
The average agency turnover is 24 months.
- Margaret Coles, Factor TG at eMetrics 2008 speaking specifically of Fortune 500s.

TV and Internet

2/3 of us are watching TV and surfing online at the same time
63% of us use DVRs to fast forward through commercials
- John Lovett, Jupiter Research at eMetrics 2008

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