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What to Listen for at Adobe’s Conference - March 23, 2018

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Learn how to make marketing a revenue center, not a cost center. Do it right when you play the simulation at the Customer Centricity Conference and be blown away by customer marketing science.  

Now let’s get to the topic. For those of us who started going to the Omniture SiteCatalyst events way back in Utah, it’s been a strange ride to see how this conference has changed. Originally the focus was on how analytics help you do more with the SiteCatalyst tool. After the acquisition by Adobe, the focus became how to do more with the Adobe platform, especially the creative pieces like Experience Manager … and here’s a little analytics. In the first article, I lay out what to listen for at the upcoming Summit. The second piece highlights a strong new feature Adobe is about to roll out.

What to Listen for at the Adobe Summit

Platforms like Adobe and Salesforce make a very good pitch about why they should be the sole source of all your budget. And to be fair, many budgets are aligned to people and tools. The question is, are platforms a blessing or a curse? Do they make your life easier or drive you into the pit of technology despair. Find out what to listen for at the upcoming Adobe Summit.

Video: Power of Adobe Fallout Report

Most people who follow Adobe Analytics know about Ben Gains. Many of his highlights have been about the power of Adobe’s Analysis Workspace which is really designed to make it MUCH easier to get data and insights out of what used to be a pretty challenging system. Recently he highlighted this video on the new Fallout feature from Jen Lasser in Adobe Analytics Product Management. Pay special attention to the customer segment overlay and the ability to look by visit or visitor. Exactly right. Nice job.


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