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#DataForACause: OSMIHelp.Org

The project that was released this week focused on the non-profit OSMI, whose focus is to educate the tech industry about mental illness, and to promote ways to destigmatize discussion and treatment.

I went with a full infographic this week using a Tableau dasbhoard. It was fun working with such a robust dataset, especially with survey results. The word cloud was a fun construction, though some of the data processing was a bit tedious. Luckily I found a Microsoft Word VBA macro that saved a lot of time.

Check out the infographic below, and let me know if you have any questions or comments. I'd love any feedback or new techniques for my next project.

Also hit me up on Twitter at @EhowChen. I wouldn't mind a free promotion. The work has been very rewarding and it has helped me grow my skills tremendously. I hope this work makes an impact in some shape or form.

Tableau Infographic


Ehow Chen

VP, Customer Insights at Ambition Data

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