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Apply True Customer Centricity to eCommerce

Don't confuse the term customer centricity with customer service. For years, Dr. Pete Fader of Wharton has been addressing this issue: customer centricity isn't about taking extra care of your customers, it's about understanding the lifetime value (LTV) of your customers, and how to act accordingly.


"Don't confuse the term customer centricity with customer service." - Allison Hartsoe

At Ambition Data, we've taken this to heart and pioneering this in our analytics. Cutting your data by channel or demographic first is old school and generally misleading. Cutting by customer value first provides immediately actionable insights to marketers and executives alike.

The info-graphic below walks through the customer-centric analytics process we used with an online eCommerce site and how we leveraged the LTV of their customers to enhance their marketing strategy. Feel free to reach out directly or on Twitter if you have any questions.




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