About Us

We value these things

1. Build value

We weave and blend insights to make connections you didn’t know you had. Customer signals matter to us because everyone wants to be recognized by the brands they love, including us. So when we connect the right data cuts to the right people, magic happens … businesses build unassailable value. We call that customer equity and we run a whole podcast on the subject.

2. Separate the signal from the noise

This goes beyond data and the ability sense the right story. It’s about prioritizing what matters in life. When you focus on noise, everything seems harder than it should be. When you focus on signal, serendipity arrives making life easier. The right recommendations drive signal, not noise.

3. Different perspectives

Old or young. Black or white. Local or remote. Different perspectives allow us to think creatively. Customer behavior is not always clear and neither is the data. Digging into possibilities, and testing our assumptions drives us to learn and grow.


Whether we work together or play together, our values make us Ambition Data.