Our Leadership Team

Allison Hartsoe - Ambition Data

Allison Hartsoe, Founder

Allison’s experience and passion for analysis allow her to see future trends and relate it all the way back to the tactical moves her clients need to make today.
Her client experience includes Blackrock, BlueShield, Genentech, GlaxoSmithKline, HP, Intel, Microsoft, Nike, and Seagate. 



Loren Hadley - Ambition Data

Loren Hadley, MBA, VP Customer Journey and Optimization

Over the past decade Loren has assisted emerging through Fortune 100 organizations understand and optimize digital strategies to enhance customer experiences. 
His client experience includes retailers Nike and Carhartt, pharma companies Genentech and Glaxo Smith Kline.



Our Ambition Data Team

Hunt Wornall headshot-1

Hunt Wornall

Director IT/Security

Lori Mayberry headshot-2

Lori Mayberry

Chief of Staff

Greg Powers Headshot-1

Greg Powers

Data Visualization


Jack Hulbert headshot-2

Jack Hulbert

Analytics Specialist

Ryan Giskaas Headshot-1

Ryan Giskaas

Digital Analyst


Michael Williamson Headshot-1

Michael Williamson

Special Projects

Elle Halliburton headshot-3

Elle Halliburton

Data Storyteller / SDR



Our Story


Creating Customer-Accelerated Companies since 2014


At Ambition Data, we aim to be the small, powerful secret to creating connections and significance between companies of all sizes and their customers by blending digital data, customer voice, and technical expertise. 

Our team of marketing analytics experts have the ability to influence stakeholders across your organization, from your technical team to the executive level, with digestible and actionable insights on your customers.


Serving companies of all sizes and industries


Our team brings decades of experience and domain knowledge in creating digital analytics solutions for retailers, healthcare, FinTech, and technology companies.

Our breadth and depth of experience allows us to tailor solutions to your existing data needs including:


Trusted by Industry Leaders 

We serve companies of all sizes - from technology start-ups to some of the world's leading brands. Our consulting efforts have informed executives and technical stakeholder questions including:

How much budget do we allocate to the top x% of our customer base?

Which of our products is the most popular among our top customer segments?

Which features are driving the most valuable conversion on our website?

Reach out using the form below and we'll answer yours.

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