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People You Should Know in CLV - May 4, 2018

Hello Friends,

This week I am highlighting our amazing speakers at the Customer Centricity Conference. You might remember from last week, this event is not about my customers, it’s about the power embedded in your customers (or fans or players or patients or whatever you call them). It’s not too late to come and take part in this amazing experience on May 17-18th at Wharton’s San Francisco campus.

Each speaker is an expert in their own right and I am grateful for their interviews on the Customer Equity Accelerator. I try to find what they know that no one else does, and focus our discussion around that unique aspect of CLV. Come and meet them in person!


Published conference speaker podcasts:

Still to come:

  •  Ash Dhupar, Publisher’s Clearing House – AI meets CLV to create value
  • Bob McKinney, Batteries Plus Bulbs – Arming the front line with CLV

See the full list of podcasts which include many more powerful guests who are innovating around CLV.

Warm regards,

Allison Hartsoe, CEO, Ambition Data

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