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Google on CLV for CCC - April 27, 2018

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The Customer Centricity Conference is not about my customers, it’s about the power embedded in your customers (or fans or players or patients or whatever you call them). No one understands this better than the folks at Google (see below). We also got a really nice interview from B2B Network this week about the event. It’s not too late to come and take part in this amazing experience.


Our May 17-18 Customer Centricity Conference is a no bullshit zone. Come to be enlightened by our speakers from Electronic Arts, Forrester, Wharton and more while learning about the power of customer lifetime value. See the video


Neil Hoyne from Google on CLV

As you might know, the Customer Centricity Conference is run in partnership with Google. Google folks are very keen on lifetime value which we typically call CLV. In my podcast with Google Chief Analytics Evangelist and Head of Customer Analytics Neil Hoyne, we chat about how he came to love CLV. Neil also makes insightful comments about the importance of aligning organizationally to truly be responsive to the customer’s needs. Amen to that!

Media Preview of CCC by B2BNetwork

I love that the B2B folks are tapped into CLV since many people mistakenly assume it’s a B2C thing. We were fortunate enough to get a really nice interview with B2B Network about the Customer Centricity Conference. I fully expected softball questions from the journalist but was pleasantly surprised to have really good engaging questions that got to the heart of the Conference and WHY you should attend. Check it out!


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Allison Hartsoe, CEO, Ambition Data

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