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The Cult of CLV - June 1, 2018

Hello Friends,

Well, it’s been a very long break between newsletters. I will avidly blame this on the conference (more on that below), but I actually just wanted to know if I was filling up your inbox with noise or seriously generating signal. Thanks to those of you who reached out and said, “Signal!”


Customer Centricity Conference Recap

First, I love the warm and welcoming CLV community forming around the Customer Centricity Conference. As you know, CCC as we affectionately call this event is about the power embedded in your customers (or fans or players or patients or whatever you call them). Sometimes it is hard for us to convey why this is a conference like no other, particularly the live simulation. So special thanks to June Dershewitz for coming up with the “escape room” analogy. June says, “I was resistant to the simulation initially … but it is like an escape room. It’s fun in the same kind of way. The clock is ticking. It’s win or lose and you end up using the same kind of logical skills.” Not to mention the group dynamics! If you want to run the simulation “escape room” at your company, let me know. I wouldn’t mind taking it on a bit of a roadshow. You can also read Ehow Chen’s well-structured conference summary with links to bonus materials. A special thank you to all of our speakers, many who were featured on the Customer Equity Accelerator podcast.

CLV hits the Kleiner Perkins 2018 Internet Trends Report

Like many of you, I love this comprehensive report from Mary Meeker. She digs deep and often hits the mark. It is basically a wake-up call for trends you suspected were true (and maybe a few you missed). The really exciting part for us is on slides 76 and 77 where CLV is called out at first as the way to run advertising optimization (so true!) and second as a Facebook audience look-a-like feature (yep!). Read the full report.


Take the opportunity to connect with Loren Hadley, VP Customer Journey Optimization at Ambition Data, he will be attending Alteryx Inspire 2018 in Anaheim, CA June 4-7.


Warm regards,

Allison Hartsoe, CEO, Ambition Data

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