How often does your company launch a new website but end up uncertain if it is a better experience than before? Are website changes made by intuition alone without data as a reference point? These questions can be addressed through measurement and analysis before (and after) the redesign process.

We focus on website use cases[link] to determine behavioral patterns and frame KPIs around them. In addition, we integrate predictive eye-tracking and heuristic analysis with traditional web metrics to bring analysis one step closer to customer intent and experience. Through that lens, we make recommendations such as A/B tests and voice of customer survey to best optimize the customer experience.


Example of a redesign recommendation to optimize an existing healthcare index page


Our team will provide the following services to take your website through the redesign process: 

campaign tracking-

Tagging Audit


Use Cases

continuous testing

Journey Analysis 




Heuristic Analysis 


Survey Questions & Analysis 

finalized journey mapping

A/B Test Proposals 



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