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Ep. 18 | Driving Value Through CLV with Neil Hoyne, Head of Customer Analytics, Google

Can you build value through CLV?

Your customers want deeper, more personalized relationships with you. What are you doing to make your top customers feel special? Driving value through customer lifetime value (CLV) is the most powerful way to deliver long-term and sustainable impact in a business. Neil Hoyne, Chief Analytics Evangelist and Head of Customer Analytics at Google, explains the tangible value organizations can achieve, the impact CLV can have, and several concrete steps you can take. Neil shares how CLV delivers a clear signal of customer behavior to understand what customers want. Using the data, companies can deliver the experiences that drive business impact. He stresses the importance of organizationally aligning the entire company. Everyone must come to the table not with solutions, but with questions about what is being seen and how to respond in ways that relate to the customer.


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Key Concepts:  Customer Lifetime Value, Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention, Customer Experience, Customer Relationships, Relationship Development, Internal Adoption, marketing analytics, marketing science, marketing data, CLV model


Who Should Listen:  CAOs, Digital Marketers, Business analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, E-commerce, Data scientists, Analysts, Sales, CMO

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