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Ep. 17 | The Future of MarTech with Joe Stanhope

Martech disruption is all around us. Old tools and methods no longer work. Joe Stanhope, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, talks about the future of marketing technology in the Age of the Customer. With marketing a strategic and technical discipline,  technology plays an increasing role. In this episode, topics range from the shift in thinking of martech as single applications, advice on how to move from purchasing products piecemeal to establishing a cohesive plan, and how to rethink customer engagement. Learn how to keep pace with customer expectations by building a stack to achieve goals. Joe shares insights on building a roadmap, the dimensions to consider when optimizing your martech stack, and the impact you can achieve.


Bonus materials:

Watch Joe Stanhope’s Future of Martech presentation on YouTube:

Read Joe Stanhope’s Forrester New Wave report on Enterprise Marketing Software:



Key Concepts:  Marketing Technology, Customer Journey, Roadmaps, Marketing Plans, Age of the Customer, Customer Engagement, B2C, Identity Resolution, Cohesive Customer Experiences, Analytics, Enterprise Marketing Software, Martech Stack

Who Should Listen:  CAOs, Digital Marketers, Business analysts, C-suite professionals, Entrepreneurs, Ecommerce, Data scientists, Analysts, Sales, CMO

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